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Persistent spike protein may account for long COVID
Next day CAR T cells effective and have acceptable safety in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
CML real-world analysis finds increased second malignancies and comorbidities compared to clinical trials
Apatinib addition to doxorubicin could be a potential treatment option in platinum-resistant recurrent ovarian cancer
Statin use linked to reduced hospitalisation and mortality risk from COVID-19
Cocoa flavanol supplement fails to reduce cardiovascular events
Electronic noses show high diagnostic accuracy for cancer detection
Alert system ensures more appropriate use of CT scans for children with head injuries
Combining AI and radiologists improves accuracy of breast cancer screening
Cannabis use not associated with higher incidence of respiratory-related hospital visits
Paxlovid remains effective in those vaccinated against COVID-19
Bariatric surgery weight loss decreases risk of obesity-related cancers
Standardised radiology alert system effective for incidental findings follow-up
Stopping methotrexate for 2 weeks after COVID-19 vaccination boosts immune response
Value of adding intranasal antihistamines to inhaled steroids in allergic rhinitis questioned
CT chest differences reveal less severe infection with omicron compared to delta
Walking for exercise significantly reduces in new frequent knee pain in osteoarthritis
EMA recommends approval of olaparib for treatment of high-risk, early breast cancer
Patients who can stand on one leg for 10s have a lower mortality risk
Incidental findings observed in almost a third of CT scans in emergency departments
Bivalent Moderna vaccine likely to protect against Omicron sub-variants
Intravenous vitamin C associated with increased mortality risk in sepsis patients
Liberation time from respiratory support similar for high-flow nasal cannula and CPAP in acutely ill children
Single dose of Evusheld reduces progression of COVID-19 and mortality
IV fluid restriction no effect on 90-day mortality in septic shock
Study finds paracetamol use increases systolic blood pressure
Green tea extract decreases severity of radiation-induced dermatitis in breast cancer patients