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Ultrasound AI differentiates between malignant and COVID-19 vaccine-induced lymph node changes
Gene therapy induces sustained and normalised levels of factor IX in haemophilia B
PlGF-based testing recommended for suspected preterm pre-eclampsia
FDA approves ruxolitinib cream for vitiligo
Improved radiology report ensures diagnostic loop closure
Additional MRI and CT scan does not affect clinical outcomes in acute ischaemic stroke
Diabetes risk remains elevated three months after COVID-19 infection
Meta-analysis finds antihistamines better than benzodiazepines for management of vertigo
Should the serotonin theory of depression be abandoned?
CHMP recommends conditional marketing authorisation for multiple myeloma monotherapy
Severe vitamin D deficiency associated with higher sepsis mortality and longer hospital stay
Moderate-intensity statin therapy and ezetimibe non-inferior to high-intensity mono-therapy
Methoxyflurane provides effective analgesia for pre-hospital pain management in trauma patients
Topical tranexamic acid effective for epistaxis
Hyaluronic acid ineffective for pain management in knee osteoarthritis
Noradrenergic drugs in Alzheimer’s disease improve global cognition and apathy
Intermittent fasting reduces hospitalisation and death from COVID-19
‘Weekend warriors’ have similar mortality to regularly active individuals
Sabizabulin significantly reduces mortality in patients hospitalised with COVID-19
Daily avocado intake fails to reduce visceral adiposity
Cardiometabolic and social factors combined better for prediction of adverse COVID-19 outcomes
Adding salt to food frequently increases risk of premature death
Arterial stiffness progression slower among statin users
Higher coffee intake related to lower IHD mortality over last 20 years
Intermediate dose LMW heparins best for venous thromboembolism prevention in acutely ill
Vaccination protects overweight and obese against severe COVID-19 and death
Cancer screening significantly reduced during pandemic