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Paxlovid of no benefit to low risk patients with COVID-19
Weekly tirzepatide provides substantial reductions in body weight
CVD risk from prolonged sitting higher in lower income countries
Different heart failure exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation programs equally beneficial
Clinical benefits of molnupiravir may extend beyond hospitalisation and death
All-cause mortality risk reduced by maintenance of physical activity in CHD
Pomegranate juice combined with aerobic training improves type 2 diabetes risk factors
Higher fish intake associated with increased risk of melanoma
Multiplex PCR point-of-care testing does not reduce antibiotic use in acutely ill children
Higher coffee intake associated with reduced risk of acute kidney injury
Study finds vitamin D status and COVID-19 diagnosis shows inconsistent associations
Time-restricted eating reduces CVD risk in breast cancer survivors
Omega-3 supplements appear ineffective for depressed patients with cardiometabolic disease
Screening endoscopy before 50 associated with reduced risk of CRC diagnosis in women
Hormone replacement therapy use linked to lower mortality risk from COVID-19
Adjuvant metformin of no benefit in non-metastatic breast cancer
Apatinib therapy promising for thymic epithelial tumours
Eldecalcitol could reduce onset of diabetes in patients with impaired glucose tolerance
Analysis reveals unsweetened and coffee sweetened with sugar provide similar mortality benefit
Post-MI mortality risk reduced in overweight/obese but higher for underweight individuals
Dense breasts and benign disease on mammography linked to higher risk of future breast cancer in Korean study
Neither metformin nor lifestyle interventions reduce risk of major adverse CV outcomes in pre-diabetics
Vasopressor use in critically ill COVID-19 patients associated with higher mortality
Choroid plexus volume and permeability are potential MRI imaging markers for Alzheimer’s disease
SGLT-2 inhibitors and metformin have similar cardiovascular outcomes in type 2 diabetes
Fourth COVID-19 vaccination effectiveness drops after 10 weeks
CT chest scans reveal fewer cases of pneumonia in breakthrough COVID-19 infections