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RSV vaccine meets primary endpoint in older adults
Sudden cardiac arrest in exercising older adults not related to disease burden
Elevated LDL triglycerides linked to higher risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease
Cancer cells can either shrink or super size to enable survival
Single low-dose CT scan helps predict future lung cancer risk
Yescarta approved by NICE for relapsed/remitted lymphomas
NHS 111 to have more paediatric experts to reduce urgent care pressure
Study shows HIV vaccine ineffective
Dupixent approved for severe atopic dermatitis in children from 6 months
Novel gene therapy reduces ischaemic burden in refractory angina
Study investigates anti-rheumatic drug dose and incident retinopathy
T cell biomarker predicts CAR T cell therapy response in relapsed lymphoma
Higher HDL cholesterol associated with increased fracture risk
CTX-009 shows promise in biliary tract cancer
Ticagrelor reduces MACE compared to clopidogrel following stent implant
Glyphosate use associated with elevated biomarkers of oxidative DNA damage
JCVI advises on next round of Covid booster vaccinations
Infusion of novel agent reduces oral mucositis following chemoradiotherapy
Influenza vaccine approved for treatment and prevention in children aged one year and above
Torsemide and furosemide all-cause mortality similar in heart failure
Predictive model identifies factors linked to metformin failure in type 2 diabetics
Severe asthma mAb approved in pre-filled single use pen for self-administration
Metomidate scan enables diagnosis of primary aldosteronism
Intermittent oral steroid use in asthmatics linked to higher risk of adverse outcomes
Contrast-enhanced CT enables prediction of treatment response in liver cancer
MRI-guided stereotactic radiotherapy superior to CT in prostate cancer
Cone beam breast CT superior to MRI for detection of preoperative residual tumour