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Join us at HHE Clinical Excellence in Cardiovascular Care
Review finds AI model diagnostic performance for hip fractures similar to expert clinicians
RCT finds oral vitamin D fails to improve disease severity in psoriasis
Trial finds xanomeline-trospium combination effective in schizophrenia
Black or green tea, coffee and non-alcoholic beer all linked to reduced risk of developing MS
One to two days per week of 8,000 or more daily steps has similar mortality benefits to 3 – 7 days
Nirmatrelvir treatment reduces the risk of Post-COVID-19 condition
Cardiac sphericity a possible early marker for cardiomyopathy and related adverse outcomes
Neutrophil CD64 measurement high specificity for diagnosing bacterial infection in ED
Intra-vesical tranexamic acid reduces duration of ED stay for patients with gross haematuria
Cardiovascular symptoms present in nearly half of cannabis intoxicated patients seen in ED
Rib fracture features requiring CT for assessment of internal injuries in ED identified
Long-term exposure to higher road traffic noise linked to increased risk of hypertension
Esketamine nasal spray superior to quetiapine XR for treatment-resistant major depressive disorder
RCT finds caffeinated coffee not associated with higher daily premature atrial contractions
Augmented ablation provides no additional benefit to standard care for AF recurrence
Higher ozone levels linked to increased risk of hospital admission for cardiovascular diseases
Lifelong endurance exercise associated with unfavourable coronary plaque composition
Lebrikizumab monotherapy effective in moderate to severe atopic eczema
Neoadjuvant socazolimab shows promise for locally advanced oesophageal squamous cell cancer
Higher plasma caffeine levels linked to reduced body fat and type 2 diabetes risk according to genetic study
Ide-cel provides 51% reduction in the risk of progression or death in R/R multiple myeloma
Aggressive end-of-life care more common in nursing home compared to community residents
Prostate cancer mortality no different in trial of three treatment interventions
High-sensitivity CRP superior to LDL cholesterol for CV event and mortality risk prediction
Shorter tuberculosis treatment strategy non-inferior to standard regimen
Childhood LRTI linked to nearly two-fold higher risk of premature adult respiratory-related death