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Childhood LRTI linked to nearly two-fold higher risk of premature adult respiratory-related death
Prenatal leukotriene receptor antagonist use not linked to neuropsychiatric events in offspring
Abnormal spirometry detected in a third of smokers at risk of COPD
Ketogenic diet linked to higher LDL cholesterol and increased risk of adverse cardiac events
Trofinetide approved for Rett Syndrome from two years of age
Both controlled and uncontrolled hypertension in obese patients increase all-cause mortality risk
Zavegepant nasal spray approved for acute migraine
Pholcodine containing cough and cold medicines withdrawn from UK market
DNA damage to oral cells similar in never smoking vapers and current smokers
Oral PCSK9 inhibitor significantly lowers LDL cholesterol in adults with hypercholesterolaemia
RCT finds bempedoic acid reduces cardiovascular adverse events for statin-intolerant patients
Artificial sweetener erythritol use in cardiac patients associated with increased MACE risk
Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory treatment worsen cognitive and psychological scores after sepsis
Higher calprotectin levels identify ED sepsis patients requiring direct intensive care transfer
Higher exposure to particulate matter among infants increases all-cause and infection-related ED visits
Analysis identifies extubation failure risk factors in acute brain injury
Cognitive impairment lower after early mobilisation in mechanically ventilated ICU patients
Neoadjuvant pembrolizumab superior to adjuvant therapy in advanced resectable melanoma
Semaglutide receives NICE approval for weight loss
Verapamil preserves beta cell function in newly diagnosed type 1 diabetics
Essential oil nasal spray improves allergic rhinitis symptoms
First drug receives FDA approval for ultra rare neurodegenerative disorder
Antimicrobial stewardship intervention safely reduces antibiotic UTI use in frail older adults
Intranasal epinephrine provides comparable outcomes to IM auto-injector
Increased physical activity lowers hospitalisation risk for wide range of health conditions
Ethnic patients benefit from lipid lowering despite under-representation in trials
Dupilumab treatment improves spontaneous chronic urticaria activity and quality of life