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Health in Italy
Health in Spain
Lives at risk during UK hot weather due to radiographic staff shortage, warns SoR
Health in France
Large study confirms safety of Covid-19 mRNA vaccine in under fives
Study finds no increased risk of skin cancer from UVB phototherapy for atopic eczema
Metformin use linked to lower risk of long Covid
Cilta-cel infusion lowers risk of disease progression in refractory multiple myeloma
Non-invasive tests show similar prognostic value to histology for adverse outcomes in NAFLD
SGLT2 inhibitor use associated with lower risk of cancer
Ribociclib with endocrine therapy improves survival in early-stage breast cancer
Faster diagnosis and treatment for skin cancer as NHS plans accelerated rollout of teledermatology
Use of colchicine associated with reduced risk of hip and knee replacement
Continued smoking after cancer diagnosis increases risk of adverse CVD event
Diagnostic spirometry for COPD on the rise
Should clinicians be sceptical about the reported findings in oncology randomised clinical trials?
Could supplementing with vitamin D reduce the risk of long Covid?
Are anti-diabetic drugs the silver bullet for the obesity epidemic?
Ropinirole delays time to disease progression in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Further treatment option for episodic migraine as NICE approves novel oral drug rimegepant
Two-thirds of patients correctly diagnosed with promising cancer blood test
Indian Hedgehog protein release from renal cells linked to development of CKD
Novel extracorporeal liver device deemed safe and effective in severe liver failure
Health in Germany
SGLT-2 inhibition lowers stroke risk in people with diabetes plus atrial fibrillation
Dietary flavanols found to improve memory in older adults with poor diet
European hospitals at risk from phishing attacks, research reveals