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Study finds deterioration in family members’ mental health due to the pandemic
COVID-19 patients nearly four-times likely to suffer with fatigue after infection
Network meta-analysis confirms superiority of biologics to small molecules in plaque psoriasis
Medical device remanufacturing offered as an example to cut greenhouse gas emissions
Preliminary study shows no safety concerns from COVID-19 vaccine in pregnancy
Study reveals dietary patterns associated with intestinal inflammation
Omega-3 supplements reduce markers of inflammation in response to stress
Malaria vaccine candidate achieves 77% efficacy in children
No increased rate of suicide in England during UK first national lockdown
COVID symptom-based screening might not be helpful in immunocompromised children
Do those with prior COVID-19 infection require a second vaccination?
Risk of severe COVID-19 increased by physical inactivity
Red algae component as potential preventative agent in COVID-19
CCK-A agonist reduces disease severity in moderate COVID
Vaccine breakthrough shown to occur in practice with COVID-19 South African variant
Higher levels of UVA associated with lower COVID-19 mortality
Inhaled budesonide appears to prevent worsening of COVID-19
A third of patients have neurological or psychiatric diagnoses after COVID-19 infection
Topical calcineurin inhibitor use associated with minimal increased risk of cancers
Over a million people in the UK estimated to have long COVID
Study finds low level of adherence to the UK Test, Trace and Isolate system
Beta-blockers associated with analgesic effect in osteoarthritis
Increased risk of squamous cell cancer in those diagnosed with actinic keratoses
Working extended hours increases the risk of recurrent cardiovascular events
Three-factor model predicts those with COVID-19 at high risk of thromboembolism
Poor antibody response in transplant patients despite COVID-19 vaccination
More than half of the population in England have COVID-19 antibodies