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Study redefines early treatment of Crohn’s disease and improves outcomes
Aspirin guidelines for patients at risk of ASCVD challenged in new study
Study links poorly controlled asthma to excessive greenhouse gas emissions
Three NSCLC indications included in positive CHMP opinion for tislelizumab
Synthetic lipid derived from olive shows early promise for glioblastoma patients
Etrasimod positive opinion for ulcerative colitis upgraded to approval in EU
AI clinical trial aims to reduce blood cultures in emergency departments by 30%
Wake-up rehab strategy during ECMO therapy shown to improve prognosis
Ritlecitinib recommended by NICE as first drug to treat severe alopecia areata
Combination treatment with arginine-depleting agent improves pleural mesothelioma survival
Remote cardiac e-health tool drives efficiencies and improves patient care in Amsterdam
Study shows gout linked to the risk of multiple diseases
Focus on cardio-oncology and cardio-toxicity with Dr Rebecca Dobson
Pushing boundaries in minimally invasive aortic valve surgery: ART-AVR
Wireless technology trials at seven NHS trusts aim to demonstrate best practice
Type 2 diabetes remission associated with reduction of CVD and CKD complications, study finds
Calls for high-intensity theatre and protected research time in major new report
Patient misidentification interventions outlined in new HSSIB report
AI and genetics underpin project to speed up CVD diagnosis and personalise treatment
Harnessing the potential of bispecific antibodies in blood cancer care and beyond
Latest developments in paediatric burn management and enzymatic debridement
Erectile dysfunction treatments may reduce Alzheimer’s disease risk, study finds
European Commission approves curative exa-cel gene therapy for severe sickle cell disease
Understanding sudden cardiac death risk through innovative heart vest mapping
Blood test could determine cause of brain injury in newborns and aid treatment decisions
More junior doctor strike action announced and BMA‘s attempts to extend current mandate fail
Long Covid quality of life improved via online group rehab, research suggests