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‘Worst over’ for winter vomiting virus outbreak

Managers at a hospital believe the worst is now over following an outbreak of the winter vomiting virus.

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust last week appealed to people to stay away when 33 patients were hit by the bug while four wards were closed as staff tried to contain the spread of the highly-infectious illness.

Wards at the Brandon Unit at Leicester General Hospital also closed when three patients and three members of staff were taken ill.

Two patients were also affected at St Luke’s Hospital, in Market Harborough.

Caroline Tevithick, deputy director of infection prevention and control for the city’s hospitals, said: “All the wards at the infirmary have been reopened and we have only one person who was admitted from home overnight with the bug.”

The other affected wards have also reopened and there have been no new cases reported.

University hospitals of Leicester