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VersaCell X3: Enhanced workflow within a small footprint

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics has unveiled its latest advancements in compact robotic laboratory automation solutions.

The VersaCell® X3 consolidates sample management for chemistry and immunoassay testing. The system assists laboratories to achieve some of the workflow benefits of automation without the space or budget considerations associated with a track-based solution. Siemens has already completed the first UK installation.

The VersaCell X3 features increased analytical capacity through a single sample interface with three-instrument connectivity. The one-touch sample management empowers laboratories to advance workflow capabilities and streamline processes to meet their needs. With advanced sorting capabilities, the VersaCell X3 can improve the pre and post analytical process and reduce an operator’s hands-on-time.

A priority drawer on the solution provides eight new STAT positions and frees up 50 sample positions for routine processing, increasing sample routing flexibility. Its signature robotic arm delivers individual samples to connected analysers to help drive towards a predictable turnaround time. The inclusion of a new docking plate reduces service intervention time for all connected systems, supporting uptime so laboratories can deliver timely results to clinicians. Further data consolidation is achievable through a connection to Siemens’ CentraLink™ Data Management System.

The VersaCell X3 is a new design which provides enhanced capabilities and a harmonised look and feel across our next generation of solutions,” states Catherine Spurgeon, Marketing Manager for Automation at Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. “In line with our commitment to continuously advance workflow capabilities, some of our existing VersaCell Systems can be upgraded with the VersaCell X3 Expansion Pack.

Catherine Spurgeon continues, “This will enable labs to connect up to three Siemens systems and improve the operator experience with new software and advanced sorting capabilities on their existing VersaCell solution. The VersaCell X3 complements the recent launch of the Siemens Aptio Automation track-based solution, designed for medium- to very high-volume laboratories. We are delighted that the first UK installation has now taken place.