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UMC Utrecht is first hospital to expand diagnostic capabilities with Philips IQon Spectral CT System

Royal Philips announced the installation of its IQon Spectral CT, the industry’s first spectral detector-based Computed Tomography (CT) at the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMC Utrecht). The Philips IQon Spectral CT provides multiple layers of retrospective, diagnostic data in a single, low-dose scan with seamless integration into existing hospital system protocols.

It can provide sufficient information with only one scan to help clinicians make fast, confident diagnoses, driving improved clinical and economic outcomes. This installation builds on UMC Utrecht’s ongoing commitment to selecting innovative solutions designed to improve patient care. This is the first IQon installation in the world following recent CE marking for diagnostic use.

Offering high-image quality, the IQon Spectral CT allows clinicians to uncover critical information to help inform fast diagnosis and treatment even in the most challenging cases.

Unlike traditional CT images, which can be limited in structural detail and require additional scans, Philips’ IQon Spectral CT allows our clinicians to identify the composition of materials in the body in one scan,” said Prof Tim Leiner, Imaging Division, UMC Utrecht.  “In a patient-focused care environment, comprehensive solutions that enable ‘first-time right’ testing and diagnostics without compromises can be revolutionary in addressing many of our greatest challenges, including workflow and patient satisfaction.

In healthcare environments where providers are challenged with increasing throughput and quality, while reducing waste, advancements in CT technology that allow for quick, confident diagnosis make a significant difference – for providers and patients,” said Henk Valk, General Manager, Philips Benelux. “Providing more data and high-quality images in a single scan delivers on Philips and UMC Utrecht’s shared goal to improve patient care, while also addressing some of the biggest issues facing providers and affecting patients.

Philips IQon Spectral CT is currently available for sale in 36 countries. To learn more about IQon Spectral CT and the full suite of Philips’ innovative CT solutions, please visit: