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Ultrasound installation from Siemens Healthcare brings patient care closer to home

1 October, 2009  

Patients of Malvern Community Hospital, UK, part of Worcestershire Primary Care NHS Trust, are now receiving care closer to home due to the installation of an ACUSON X300 PE ultrasound system from Siemens Healthcare.

The system was purchased with funds raised by the Malvern Hospital League of Friends, a charitable organisation that provides support and assists with the purchase of equipment for patients.
The X300 PE ultrasound has been installed into the outpatients department for use in a wide range of scans, enabling patients to receive treatment locallywithout having to travel to the nearest acute hospital.

The system is helping to relieve pressure on Worcestershire Royal Hospital and is being used for scans in general medicine, surgery, gynaecology, and vascular work.  It is also helping to support staff training in orthopaedics for scanning spines and knees. 
“The installation of the X300 PE ultrasound system provides a much better experience for our patients as they will no longer have to travel as far as 13 miles to the nearest acute site for an appointment,” said Linda Ingles, Matron at Malvern Community Hospital.

“It also enables patients to receive faster treatment, as any issues can be diagnosed swiftly and taken care of on site, rather than referring the patient to the acute hospital for an initial scan.”
“The installation of the X300 PE ultrasound system is providing great benefits to the local community in Malvern. Previously, patients would have had limited choice of where to have their appointment, usually needing to attend the acute hospital many miles away in Worcester,” said Janice Miles, Regional Sales Manager for Ultrasound Products at Siemens Healthcare. 

“However, the new system has significantly improved the patient experience, as they can now visit their local nearby hospital to receive a wide range of diagnostic scans.