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UK hospital pioneers new eye surgery

A groundbreaking procedure that helps to dilate the eye is being trailed for the first time at Claremont Hospital in Sheffield, the UK.

Myrdriasert is an innovative procedure that inserts an inert, dry and non-soluble pellet containing drugs into the lower eyelid.

The pellet releases its active ingredients slowly and dilates the pupil.

Effective dilation is essential for ocular inspection and surgery to be carried out successfully. A large pupil makes it easier and more efficient for the surgeon to examine the eye and operate.

In the past, patients received drugs via eyedrops, which a nurse usually administers one to two hours prior to the surgery.

This procedure was time consuming and often unpleasant for the patient.

Eye drops can also lead to high blood pressure, tachycardia and other allergic reactions.

Paul Chad at Mydriasert said: “Patients having eye surgery in the susceptible group can not afford side-effects which may result from high dosage levels of mydriatic drugs.

“With just one single application of Mydriasert, full mydriasis is achieved within the first hour, reducing the possibility of systemic side-effects.”

Surgeons at Claremont Hospital have successfully used the procedure to manage cataracts patients.