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UK company launches full range of pioneering pressure mattress solutions

Pressure ulcer specialist Rober, is delighted to announce the launch of a full range of alternating pressure mattress solutions, catering for a variety of patients’ needs from everyday nursing environments to acute care facilities.

The pioneering range of mattresses and overlays includes solutions for immobile, critically ill and bariatric patients that have been developed in conjunction with clinicians. Featuring clinically proven technology that prevents pressure injuries from developing, Rober’s solutions also promote the healing of established ulcers.

The new generation of mattresses are fully automatic and patients nursed upon them require less manual repositioning. Designed to mechanically replicate the body’s natural spontaneous movement in response to unrelieved pressure, these mattresses provide regular and complete pressure elimination to all parts of the body in contact with the mattress.  

The company has focused on four key areas – microclimate control, patient safety and comfort, maximising infection control and offering additional nursing support. Additional features such as a touch screen visual display panel, comfort settings, timed static mode, audible and visual alarms, permanently inflated side formers, maximum inflation mode, and simplicity of decontamination for effective infection control provide benefits to both patients and busy nursing staff.

Rober, leaders in the development and manufacture of pressure ulcer prevention and therapy, have developed two mattress ranges – NoDec®, a premium range and a cost effective AirFlex® range, which has been designed to fulfil the requirements of ‘affordable healthcare’.

Mike Hutson, Chief Executive of Rober, said: “Over the last few years we have invested heavily in R&D to create a full range of pressure ulcer solutions that cater for all types of patients in different healthcare settings.  All of our technologies have been designed to offer maximum flexibility to patients who are at risk of pressure damage. They are effective and proven solutions in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers to help ‘stop the pressure”.

Pressure ulcers are a rising problem around the world and in the UK alone, they affect over 700,000 people a year and add an additional £4000 per ulcer onto each patient’s care bill. They are also linked to prolonged hospitalisation, pain, social isolation and in worst cases, death.

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