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Trust insources cleaning services

A UK NHS trust has brought its cleaning services back in-house to save money.

After comparing its services against external companies, North Tees and Harltlepool NHS Trust decided to terminate its £3.6m cleaning contract with cleaning company, Sodexho.

“It’s essential that, from time to time, we test our facilities services against the market,” says Ian Dalton, the trust’s chief executive.

“While we have been satisfied with that arrangement, we felt it was right that all facilities services should be looked at in their entirety.”

The trust spends nearly £8m a year on portering, catering, security and cleaning services.

The exact saving the trust will incur has not been disclosed.

Staff working for Sodexho are expected to be transferred to North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Trust.

North Tees and Harlepool NHS Trust