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Tristel Fusion sachets simplify high-level disinfection

A new cleaning agent that is effective against a wide range of organisms including Clostridium difficile has been launched promising convenient high-level disinfection of floors, walls and general hard surfaces in hospitals.

Tristel, the manufacturers of Fusion, said its burstable sachets meant no counting, weighing or calculations were needed to make up a working solution at the right concentration ­and there was no waiting for chlorine tablets to dissolve.

Using Tristel’s chlorine dioxide technology ­providing a high-level sporicidal disinfectant – Fusion is ready to use with just a single dilution.

One sachet poured into five litres of water produces a sporicidal solution requiring a contact time of only five minutes.

The inclusion of a powerful surfactant ensures a thorough cleaning effect. Unlike chlorine releasing agents, there is little odour and no health and safety or disposal issues – all features that have received positive comments in trials.

Fusion for Surfaces eliminates any need to prepare disinfectants of various strengths, or wait for chlorine tablets to dissolve, simplifying disinfection and cleaning processes and minimising the risk of human error.

Tristel uses proprietary chlorine dioxide chemistry to create instrument and surface disinfectants. With its origins as a health care business specialising in infection control products, Tristel has recently extended its operations to include legionella control in water supplies and contamination control in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The company is creating applications for its chemistry that address the four routes of transmission of infection and contamination ­- surfaces, instruments, water and people.