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The ORBIS project

ORBIS, Agfa HealthCare’s leading hospital and clinical information system (HIS/CIS), which manages the entire patient-centric information flow through all hospital departments, has been successfully installed in the Italian pilot site, Clinical Medica Malzoni in Avellino.

The system allows for the enhancement of the quality of patient care by giving fast access to all patient records, including images and data. These records are made available to authorised staff, allowing for quicker and better diagnoses and treatment. As ORBIS contributes to the implementation of workflow-based clinical paths, linked to the related administrative processes, the system also plays a role in the improvement of efficiency in the hospital sector.

The first installation phase in the Malzoni Hospital Group started five months ago and has now successfully been completed. Four ORBIS modules (Master Data & Security, Ward Graphic, Medical Documentation and Order Entry & Result Reporting) have been installed in the obstetric-gynaecology department.

In the second phase of the project, the Agfa HealthCare HIS will be rolled out to the other wards of the hospital, the laboratory information system (LIS) of the hospital group will be interfaced and Agfa HealthCare’s radiology information system/picture archiving and communication system (RIS/PACS) will be implemented.

Other clinical modules of ORBIS will be implemented in the third and final phase of the project.