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The digital revolution

As part of the £20bn NHS IT programme, around half the hospitals in England are now using digital technology which allows radiologists and doctors better access and sharing of all X-ray images on a computer screen.
Hospitals are also increasingly turning to DVDs to make recordings of dynamic X-ray studies which can be easily shared between specialists, using a cutting-edge DVD recording system created by the diagnostic imaging specialists M.A.S. Medical.

With its main applications being Barium Swallow for speech therapy, cardiac angiography, ultrasound and surgical applications, including endoscopy; the system has an integrated Sony DVO-1000 medical DVD recorder to provide high-quality recording of images.

The innovative system links to imaging equipment to instantly record an X-ray simultaneously and includes an easy-to-use auto start/stop control of recording during fluoroscopy or acquisition. The finalised DVD is produced in less than two minutes; meaning work flow is uninterrupted. 

Tim Barrat, senior radiographer at Royal Oldham Hospital, said, “Many hospitals are increasingly turning to digital technology when conducting fluoroscopy, because recordings on DVDs appear instantly on a computer screen and can be easily shared between specialists.”

“Since installing M.A.S. Medical’s DVD Recording system, we’ve found it adapted well to our busy working healthcare environment.”