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Technology helps combat superbugs

9 October, 2008  

Technology developed by researchers in Britain has helped create a hospital in the US that is free of the superbugs MRSA, VRE and C difficile.

The Monroe Hospital in Bloomington, Indiana, has not had one recorded case of hospital acquired infection (HCAI) since it opened in October 2006. Its director of infection prevention, James Ballard, attributes much of this success to the antimicrobial technology, Byotrol.

Byotrol is unique in that it continues to kill micro-organisms for days after it has been applied and even after it has dried. A disinfectant such as bleach is only effective for around two minutes from application, after which micro-organisms re-colonise the surface.

The technology is being piloted by Synergy Health for the NHS, following a successful study at Glasgow Royal Infirmary which saw MRSA reduced by 50% by treating just 5% of a ward’s high-contact surfaces.

At Monroe Hospital, all hospital visitors have to sanitise their hands with Byotrol hand foam on entry. It is also used to clean hard surfaces and impregnated wipes are used to clean high contact surfaces.

Mr Ballard commented: “The fact that Byotrol continues to work after it has dried means hard surfaces become residually antimicrobial making it more difficult for micro-organisms to get a foot hold in the hospital.”

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