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Synthetic floor system

The Bolidtop® E.lo floor system, which was recently introduced by Bolidt of Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, is the first synthetic floor system which does not cause a static charge. This system offers a practical solution, especially where use is made of sensitive electronic equipment, inflammable substances or materials which are liable to static charges.
Bolidtop® E.lo prevents the exchange of electrons between shoes and the floor. This prevents the body becoming statically charged and it therefore also does not have to be discharged.
The phenomenon of electrostatic charge is caused by any activity where friction occurs such as walking on a floor. Floor coverings and shoes are usually insulated so that all the static charge is absorbed by the body. Discharging takes place if the body comes in contact with an object with a lower potential. If this object is, for example, a sensitive electronic component then there is a fault in the production process.
In addition to its antistatic properties, Bolidtop® E.lo floor systems offer all the advantages of a technically-advanced synthetic floor such as a variable surface texture, durability, seamless and resistance to heavy static and dynamic loads. A Bolidtop® E.lo floor can also be made in many colours and designs so that the floor completely matches the architecture and equipment of the premises.