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Synergy launches infection control product range

30 January, 2008  

Synergy Healthcare, a UK-based healthcare support systems company, has launched a new “end-to-end” infection control product range for care homes and primary care environments.

The company has unveiled an environmental decontamination product and both hard surface and hand hygiene disinfectants, and says they offer high levels of performance against a variety of microorganisms, including MRSA, SARS and C difficile.

A hundred units of Synergy’s environmental decontamination product, AirCleanse, are already in use.
The technology harnesses close coupled field technology working in tandem with an electrostatic filter capable of working down to 0.1uM to remove a wide range of harmful bacteria, viruses and spores from the working environment.

AirCleanse works by using the close-coupled field technology to convert atmospheric oxygen into ozone and this kills all microorganisms. The ozone then re-converts to oxygen as it passes out of the charge field and in so doing releases sterilised clean air into the room.
The Assure Plus range of products comprises wipes, surface cleaners and a hand mousse and has been developed for use by staff in acute care settings. The products utilise Byotrol anti-microbial technology.

In an independently supervised six month study of the Byotrol technology incorporated into the Assure range, it was found that application of the technology to around 5% of the hard surfaces within an acute ward setting resulted in a 50% reduction in the presence of MRSA.
Furthermore for a number of weeks within the six month study there was no MRSA present within the ward with the Glasgow Royal Infirmary where the study was conducted.

Anne MacMillian, Marketing Director of Synergy’s Patient Care Division, said:

“The AirCleanse and Assure products require no specialist knowledge or equipment and can be incorporated easily into existing hygiene regimes,” Anne MacMillan adds.

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