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Swedish healthcare workers go on strike

22 April, 2008  

Healthcare workers in Sweden are due to go on strike today, in a dispute over equality of pay for women.

The director of Vårdförbundet (The Swedish Association of Health Professionals), will today visit members of the association at the Accident and Emergency department of Karolinska University Hospital, who are due to go on strike from noon today.

Anna-Karin Eklund, director of Vårdförbundet, said:

“Healthcare is a knowledge-intense industry with new knowledge constantly emerging, knowledge that is crucial for the future of healthcare.

“We ask for the Swedish councils to give a fair pay deal to our female-dominated and crucial professions.

“There must be an end to unequal pay in the academic and female-dominated professions of the welfare sector.”

Vårdförbundet represents midwives, biomedical scientists, radiographers and nurses.


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“Absolutely! It is archaic and unacceptable for women not to be paid the same wage as men for doing the same job. I would like to see their justification. Surely it is a human rights issue.” – Donna Hepworth, UK

“I absolutely agree with Donna Hepworth’s statement.” – Mirjana Antunovic, location not supplied

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