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Survey reveals pressure to have cosmetic surgery

Some cosmetic surgery clinics are putting patients under pressure to go ahead with treatment, a Which? survey has found.

The survey of 19 clinics in England and Wales has found that clinic staff wrongfully described invasive surgery as “scarless” or a “minor procedure”.

Researchers discovered that some clinics were so sales driven that safety precautions had taken a back seat.

Which? also found that poor information made it hard for patients to make informed decisions about their treatment.

Rule breaking is going unchecked, they say, because of weak and patchy regulation.

Which? Health Campaigner Jenny Driscoll said: “There are risks with all cosmetic treatments, so when people go for a consultation they should get accurate and in-depth advice from a medical professional, not a pitch from an unqualified salesperson.

“Our investigations in recent months have revealed a relaxed attitude to nonsurgical treatments such as Botox and it is worrying to find that it is being prescribed by doctors without them giving seen or even spoken to the patient.”