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SpectrumlTech launches seminar

29 March, 2007  

SpectrumlTech Limited, a specialist supplier of document, process and records management solutions to healthcare providers, has announced the launch of a new educational seminar programme named A Practical Approach to Document and Records Management in the NHS.

The seminar is free of charge to NHS staff responsible for managing documents and records relating to patient care, policies and procedures, human resources, hospital administration and other healthcare functions. It will run regularly at a variety of venues around the country, providing a worthwhile opportunity for attendees to network with their peers.

This programme will provide a valuable boost to the healthcare sector, which has much to gain from automating document and records management, yet is lagging behind in terms of implementation.

By launching this free, SpectrumlTech are extending an education lifeline to those wanting to learn more, in the minimum amount of time at no cost.