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SonoSite introduces the NanoMaxx™

6 August, 2009  

SonoSite, the world leader in hand-carried ultrasound, has launched the lightweight NanoMaxx™ point-of-care ultrasound tool. Supremely portable and incredibly tough, the NanoMaxx combines ‘best in class’ performance with affordability and simplicity. With its unique one button optimisation, high quality diagnostic imaging and full colour flow mapping, the system is designed to address the needs of physicians in both hospital and clinic settings.

Intended for diagnostic imaging, clinical assessment and procedural guidance, the NanoMaxx is available with five transducers to support a wide range of applications. Its touch screen offers unprecedented ease of use, and is fluid resistant to allow straightforward cleaning and disinfection. The NanoMaxx system’s magnesium shell and elastomeric bumper ensure reliable scanning, even in the most demanding environments, and the small footprint and space-saving features offer seamless integration into any examination room. These features, combined with a boot-up time of less than 20 seconds and long battery life, offer unrivalled flexibility for point-of-care imaging, setting new standards in patient safety.

“The NanoMaxx tool makes high quality ultrasound available to a much broader range of clinicians and applications,” said Kevin M. Goodwin, SonoSite president and ceo. “The healthcare world is changing dramatically, and the NanoMaxx is part of our continuing effort to make ultrasound a more affordable and useful tool in the world of medicine.”