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Software upgrade for Roche bloodgas analyser

2 April, 2008  

Roche Diagnostics has announced the global launch of an enhanced software (Version 7.0) for its flagship bloodgas analyser; the cobas b 221 system.

The cobas b 221 is a desktop device designed for critical care providing bloodgas analysis, the measurement of the most important electrolytes, as well as glucose, lactate, urea, bilirubin and haemoglobin derivatives.

The new software version is tailored to the demands of critical care clinicians, nurses and POCT co-ordinators. It provides new features for single parameter trending, and the option to define specific parameters panels.

In critical care situations hospitals of all sizes are increasingly reliant on information technology in saving time and coming to rapid therapy decisions. The step from data to actionable healthcare information in this context needs an overview of the trends that a patients’ status follows.

For this very reason the upgraded software provides the possibility to graphically display any development on parameters which are measurable on the cobas b 221.

“This new version of software is one part of our systematic response to customer requests on how diagnostics can integrate into and improve patient care pathways,” said Charles Delany, Head of Program, Blood Gas and Electrolytes.

Up to four parameters can be trended not only in percentage of change, but also against absolute values. This means that a graphical plot can be used to monitor disease progression. Upper and lower critical limits can be user defined for each parameter. Onboard patient trending helps healthcare providers to monitor the progress of their patient’s condition during the course of treatment.