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Siemens to improve pathology services

23 January, 2014  
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has recently entered a Managed Pathology Service (MPS) contract with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics.
The contract includes replacement of analysers with both Siemens and third party equipment within the Biochemistry, Immunology, Haematology, Transfusion and Virology departments at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. It also includes the replacement of analysers within the Satellite Blood Sciences Laboratory at Papworth Hospital.
The MPS goes beyond a standard contract and involves partnering on business development, research & development and training & development. Within the business development element, Siemens and the Trust are working together to plan for business opportunities and work towards creating a leaner business. Research & development partnering will allow for joint bidding for research funds along with development of new assays and technology plus the opportunity to convert research findings into commercial ventures. Training & development goes beyond system training, with Siemens providing knowledge programmes in sales and strategic areas.
The Trust will see various benefits with the contract in place including the updating of a significant amount of laboratory equipment and a guaranteed cost per reportable result for all tests provided under the contract. Workflow has also been streamlined at the early stages of the MPS due to a single point of contact for everything from ordering to maintenance. Agreed key performance indicators have also been put into place to help streamline and improve the service. The Trust hopes to learn and expand internal knowledge further by working with a commercial partner.
“We chose Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics to provide the MPS contract following a competitive tender selection process and we felt it offered the best value for money across the whole contract,” states Steve Archer, Operations Manager at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. “The Blood Science Department handles around 6,000 samples a day producing 12 million results a year. This is expected to double over the next year or so with the increase in activity, and the contract will allow us to take on the additional capacity.
“Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics is delighted to be working with Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to provide an enhanced MPS contract,” states Jacqui Vaughan, Marketing Manager – Siemens Pathology Partnerships at Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. “Redevelopment of the laboratory space is underway to accommodate new equipment installations and staff training is in progress, we are looking forward to continuing a close partnership with the Trust and supporting them as the pathology environment and their needs evolve in the future.”