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Siemens Healthcare future-proofs ultrasound imaging range with HELX Evolution

9 May, 2014  
Siemens Healthcare has launched the HELXTM Evolution, the newest iteration of its ACUSON S Family™ of ultrasound imaging systems offering HD image quality, streamlined workflow and a sustainable, upgradable platform.
The HELX Evolution provides clinicians with a wide range of options, from HD transducers on the ACUSON S1000TM to state-of-the-art ultrasound elastography and tissue strain analysis on the S2000™ and S3000™.
Powered by the new SieStream™ HD architecture, the HELX boosts image quality with a large 21.5 inch LCD monitor, HD transducers, contrast agent imaging technologies and more powerful image processing with 50% greater pixel density. The HELX also works with the S2000 and S3000 systems to deliver Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse (ARFI) imaging. Virtual Touch™ imaging, Virtual Touch quantification and Virtual Touch IQ modes enable non-invasive visualisation and measurement of tissue stiffness for enhanced diagnostic confidence and offer the potential to avoid unnecessary biopsies.
The HELX enhances the ACUSON S Family’s existing workflow capabilities with eSieScanTM Workflow Protocols to guide clinicians through examinations step-by-step, activating relevant modes in the shortest time possible. The platform offers an ergonomically-designed control panel and adjustable monitor for heads-up, no look operation of the system. Further helping to streamline workflow, the HELX also offers two redesigned women’s health transducers for enhanced patient comfort and improved clinician access.
In addition to providing ultrasound professionals with the tools they need today, the HELX Evolution has been designed to meet clinical demands of the future. The S1000, S2000 and S3000 purposely share the same SieStream HD architecture, allowing hospital departments to update the systems with new technologies as they become available. This helps to make the HELX Evolution and ACUSON S Family imaging range a cost-effective solution to both existing and new users.
“Technology in the clinical environment is continuously evolving at a rapid pace, but this can often make it difficult for departments to gain funding to keep ultrasound units up to date,” states Bernadette Leonard, UK Business Manager for Ultrasound Products at Siemens Healthcare. “The HELX Evolution is a cost-effective solution that enables existing and future ACUSON S Family users to make the most of the system, with upgrades always available to ensure image quality and operational efficiency is meeting clinical needs now – and into the future.