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Sheffield Teaching Hospitals host national neurological workshop

The event was hosted by a team of Specialist Psychotherapists from the Department of Neurology at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The Trust is internationally recognised as a centre of excellence for the treatment of Functional Neurological Disorders (FNDs).

Patients with FNDs suffer disabling symptoms such as non-epileptic attacks, paralysis, tremors and pain, which resemble the symptoms of neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Stroke or Multiple Sclerosis. However, FNDs are not caused by neurological damage or disease, but are often linked to traumatic experiences such as childhood neglect, abuse or major incidents in adult life. These symptoms are often misunderstood and the condition is recognised as being difficult to treat.

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The workshop, held in June at The Circle conference centre, Rockingham Lane, had presentations from experts in the field and discussion forums to share best practice in FND treatment. Attendees included psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists from across the UK, highlighting the increased interest nationally in this field of work.

Stephanie Howlett, Specialist Psychotherapy Manager said, “Events like this are really important as a way of sharing the skills and expertise held by specialist practitioners, and supporting teams around the country wanting to improve local services. This should mean appropriate and effective help will be increasingly available for patients across the country.