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Self-diagnostic testing

17 May, 2013  
SBH Laboratory manufactures innovative products under distributor brands for large European pharmaceutical companies and healthcare groups.
As a specialist in self-diagnostic testing equipment, SBH Laboratory will present its full product range, which includes pregnancy tests, thermometers and blood-pressure monitors, at the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) trade show in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) from 28 to 29 May 2013.
Specialising in fast diagnostic testing, SBH Laboratory manufactures innovative products under distributor brands for large European groups in the pharmacy sector, in parapharmacy, and in healthcare. The company will present its full range of products on Stand 1614 at the PLMA trade show, which is organised by the Private Label Manufacturers Association, in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), from 28 to 29 May of this year. The SBH Laboratory range includes pregnancy tests, urinary-infection tests, thermometers, blood-pressure monitors, oral-hygiene products, and reading glasses.
SBH Laboratory designs self-diagnostic tests and home-use devices for treating every member of the family. Each product is designed according to a precise set of specifications and is supplied on a turnkey basis. From the creation of a range to the finalisation of the packaging, SBH Laboratory interacts with the client at every stage of the manufacturing process in order to ensure products correspond to the specific requirements of a brand or location.
SBH Laboratory’s expertise enables the company to produce highly innovative products such as multipurpose non-contact infra-red thermometers and large-screen, automatic, upper-arm blood-pressure monitors.
Easy to use and reliable, SBH Laboratory’s pregnancy tests are designed for women who need a fast, yet accurate, result. Indeed, the test produces a reliable result in three minutes.
The company also has a comprehensive range of products dedicated to oral-hygiene care. This range includes more than 20 products, from daily-care treatments for the maintenance of natural whiteness to more specialised products for intensive cleaning.
Finally, private-label reading glasses are no longer an age-related accessory, but are now an important fashion item for every generation. From simple and discrete spectacles to colourful and fancy glasses, SBH Laboratory offers a broad variety of appealing styles.