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Sample Integrity with the NEO Plate 96

The monoblock detachable NEO Plate 96 
As NEO plate is monoblock, the tubes cannot be moved. That means you can still have full positive identification without the need for a scanner however with the amazing “Craker Pen” tool a single microtube can be extracted from the monoblock NEO Plate 96.
Neo Plate 96, with its 96 detachable microtubes and a SBS footprint, is resistant to most organic solvents and provides sample storage in -135°C mechanical freezers.  This plate is available in different volumes, including 70µL, 500µL and 1mL. Select the optimum size plate to make the best possible use of your available freezer space. 
For further information on NEO Plate 96, please call at +33 (0) 1 34 30 42 08 or email at [email protected]