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Salmond backs hospital funding plan

The Scottish government has been attacked over its plans for a new system of building major projects such as hospitals in the country.

The new Scottish Futures Trust, which is to replace the controversial public private partnership (PPP) funding system, was unveiled just before Christmas.

But Liberal Democrat leader Nicol Stephen said: “There is currently not a single penny in Scottish Futures Trust.

“Far from up and running it doesn’t even exist.”

However, First Minister Alex Salmond said the scheme is “light years in advance of the PPP system which has cost this country so much and which the Liberal party in government in Scotland was addicted to”.

A consultation paper on the move sets out plans for one private company, overseen by public sector bosses, which could design, build, run and own future public projects.

It hopes to provide a better deal for taxpayers, but will still involve the use of private finance markets to help fund major schemes.

Mr Salmond defended the government’s plans, saying: “The distribution model set out in that consultation document is going to point the way as to how we can have a better system of providing public services in Scotland.”

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