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Royal Victoria Infirmary installs Avanto MRI with biopsy application

12 November, 2009  

Breast biopsies planned with accuracy for smoother patient procedures.

The Royal Victoria Infirmary, part of Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, has installed a MAGNETOM® Avanto1.5 Tesla MRI system from Siemens Healthcare for general and breast imaging work. 

The Avanto MRI system is complemented by syngo® BreVis diagnostic reporting software to show all patient examination results in a single view, plus BreVis Biopsy interventional software to plan and perform a biopsy when needed.

“The BreVis Biopsy application significantly assists radiologists with making a confident, accurate needle placement for breast biopsies. The advanced planning ability also ensures that procedures are kept as short and smooth as possible for the patient,” said Philip English, Consultant Radiographer at Royal Victoria Infirmary. 

syngo Brevis Workplace is an application to provide efficient diagnostic reporting by displaying ultrasound or X-ray images, in addition to MR images, on a single screen to assist diagnosis.  syngo Brevis Biopsy is an intuitive, fast and precise solution for planning and performing biopsies.  The software automatically calculates the coordinates of breast tissue to be removed so that the procedure can be performed quickly and accurately.

“It is of utmost importance that mammography patients are diagnosed smoothly and quickly to keep any discomfort or stress to a minimum,” said Neil Lincoln, Regional Sales Manager at Siemens Healthcare.  “The syngo BreVis application is ideal for enhancing MRI workflow and assisting staff with procedure planning.”

A further MRI system, a MAGNETOM® Verio 3T, will be installed into The Royal Victoria Infirmary’s Neuroradiology Department shortly for brain and spine imaging.  The Verio scanner was chosen due to the wider than conventional 70cm bore, which provides an innovative and patient friendly solution to 3T imaging.  The powerful system features Tim® (Total imaging matrix) technology and contains the strongest magnet field strength used clinically.