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Roche launches two apps to increase efficiency in hospitals

Beth Gault
29 November, 2018  

Lab solutions company Roche has launched two new apps with the aim of increasing efficiency within hospitals and labs.

The first is LabOPS, which will help labs and hospitals access their data efficiently, reduce waste and improve decisions around operations and finances.

Dx Optimization is the second app, and aims to help improve clinical effectiveness in various institutions.

The apps will be launched under Viewics, a software company acquired by Roche in 2017.

The Viewics platform integrates data from a broad range of IT systems in laboratories and other healthcare settings. Roche acquired the company to provide data-driven lab business analytics for its clients, and to help improve the delivery of care.

The apps are the first to launch since the acquisition. 

Christian Hebich, global health of solution integration and services said: “Digitalisation of healthcare is enabling the easy flow of data between diagnostic instruments and devices, and the professionals who operate them.

“Viewics – and all our software applications at Roche – strengthen not only our integrated core lab offering [but] also generate actionable insights that increase productivity, value for institutions and improve the delivery of quality patient care.

It follows the launch of Roche Healthcare Consulting, a network of consultants that launched in October to help turn data analytics into actions to improve effectiveness and organisational sustainability.

Youssef Khayali, lifecycle leader for workflow and IT at Roche, said in the current healthcare market, efficiencies were very important.

“We’re seeing a lot of constraints coming up in the healthcare environment,” he said. “Constraints about new diseases coming out, constraints about lab staff, nurses being restricted. Constraints regarding budgets and costs, and this is one aspect that we definitely see as an industry and as an organisation that it is working in healthcare, we also have to help find answers out and this is where the Viewics component and that efficiency level comes in.”