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Roche launches low-volume lab-coagulation portfolio with the new cobas t 411 analyser

The new cobas t 411 analyser is a stand-alone lab coagulation system that is suitable for low-volume routine testing (up to 120 samples per day). With this launch, Roche has expanded their overall laboratory coagulation offering, giving laboratories further flexibility for their dedicated testing needs.

Main features of the cobas t 411 analyser include:

  • Highest reagent capacity on the market among analysers designed for the low-volume coagulation labs
  • Continuous loading of all samples, reagents and cuvettes
  • Unique cuvette design
  • Multimode cap piercing
  • Maximum reagent utilisation from tilted vials

We are entering into a new era of coagulation testing for Roche, through expansion of our coagulation solution and we will continue to develop systems which support our customer’s lab efficiency and productivity needs” said Jean-Claude Gottraux, Head of Roche Professional Diagnostics. “The cobas t 411 is the next foundation stone for Roche to become a total solution provider for coagulation testing in both the laboratory and at the Point of Care.

The new cobas t 411 analyser will enable customers to optimise their laboratory processes. It achieves this by allowing continuous loading of all samples, reagents and the cuvettes, which hold the required samples and reagents during testing. This will ultimately help reduce workflow interruption. The unique cuvette design, and readiness check prior to measurement, helps improve quality of results. The multimode cap piercing, which recognises different sample cap types prior to sampling, gives flexibility and convenience. In addition, the analyser has the highest reagent capacity on the market for reduced hands-on time, compared to other systems offered at low-volume coagulation laboratories.