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Roche Diagnostics launches new consulting service

Lab solutions company Roche Diagnostics has launched a new business unit called Roche Healthcare Consulting. 

The new unit will focus on digital diagnostics and help laboratories, hospitals and other healthcare providers to “optimise their performance”.

The global consulting service will feature over 250 experienced consultants who specialise in business, healthcare and technology, and will use data analytics and reports to help clients improve their operational, clinical and financial performance.

With the healthcare sector facing staff shortages and scarce resources, among other challenges, the new unit hopes to help facilitate better patient care through solving these problems. It will help clients to improve efficiency and save money across their organisation.

Thais Viviani, head of Roche Healthcare Consulting, said: “With our proven experience in healthcare, Roche consultants can match local knowledge with global best practice and expertise so that healthcare groups can accelerate and adopt new practices, according to their own pace and need.

“Most important, in a world of cascading data flows and new disruptive technologies, our consultants are the ‘human’ factor helping helping to guide lab and hospital leaders gain insights from their real-time data, using proven methodologies such as lean and change management. These insights help healthcare leaders improve the ongoing performance of their organisations.”

Youssef Khayali, lifecycle leader, workflow and IT, solution integration and services at Roche Diagnostics, said this new arm of the business was part of an ambition to “truly partner” with laboratories, hospitals and healthcare groups, and help them make faster, data-driven decisions on operations and community health.