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ri-focus® LED Medical Headlight improves examination

Now the ri-focus® headlight is available in a new ri-focus® LED version which enhances illumination by 40% and improves ease of diagnosis. High performance LED, up to 100 000 Lux, offers numerous benefits, providing a brighter, whiter light that offers the operator clarity and a better-quality examination.
ri-focus® LED features a focusable LED lamp at a distance of 40cm, which is infinitely adjustable. The lamp is attached to a flexible hinge which can be moved easily with one hand, keeping the other free for operation.
The wireless headband offers sustained comfort and is easy to clean thanks to an inner, removable and washable lining and a new battery compartment means changing the battery is fast and easy; ri-focus® LED can be optionally fitted with lithium, alkaline of rechargeable batteries.