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Report identifies need for improved assays and more education around LC-MS/MS technologies

SCIEX has released the results of an independent survey of clinical laboratories’ diagnostic technology usage that identifies a critical need for improved understanding of clinical mass spectrometry technology.

The worldwide survey investigated the most commonly used diagnostic methods, technologies and assay types, and identified a perceived lack of appreciation of the benefits of mass spectrometry, despite the proven advantages of this more accurate approach for clinical diagnostics. Findings from the report can be downloaded here.

SCIEX has recently embarked on a global expert training and educational initiative to help bridge this mass spectrometry knowledge gap for clinical laboratories. “We’re helping clinical scientists transition easily to using mass spectrometry technologies through our educational programs and network of application experts. Additionally, exceptional customer service is delivered through SCIEXNow™ to address any of our customers’ technical needs“, commented Marco Eijsackers, Vice President & General Manager, SCIEX EMEAI. “SCIEX’s approach to the customer experience goes beyond our product benefits and incorporates exceptional training and support for clinicians who are new to mass spectrometry.

SCIEX held an educational workshop and showed its latest mass spectrometry-based solutions at the IFCC EuroMedLab event in Paris, France, on 21–25 June 2015, in booth number H031. The workshop, entitled “Reducing errors and increasing quality using mass spectrometry”, took place on Wednesday 24 June from 15:45–16:45 CET, at Le Palais des Congrès de Paris, room EduW38. The workshop was open to EuroMedLab delegates, for more information please visit:

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