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Recruitment drive for French hospitals

France’s health minister last week announced a huge recruitment drive to encourage more young people to enter the hospital industry, reported Web in France magazine.

Roselyne Bachelot said a gap of over 200,000 jobs was being created by a wave of retiring hospital staff.

Appearing on French television, Ms Bachelot said:

“There are all kinds of trades in hospital work. Of course, one thinks immediately of the doctors, dental surgeons, pharmacists and nurses. But there are also all kinds of technical trades: radiology, for example.”

Launching a television and internet-based recruitment campaign, Ms Bachelot admitted that hospitals in France had a “recruitment problem”, with such jobs often being seen as having long hours and poor working conditions.

Ms Bachelot also called for more young people to consider non-medical hospital positions, such as those in accounting, finance, catering and maintenance.

She said that there was something for job-seekers from all levels of academic education, from those without university degrees to postgraduates.

Web in France