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Real-time access and maximum uptime

With Getinge Online – an innovative remote diagnostics and equipment performance IT solution – users receive instant notification of changes in their equipment status wherever they are
Soren Stakemann
Product Line Manager,
Getinge IT Solutions ApS,
Copenhagen, Denmark
Edward Roe
Service Operations Specialist,
Getinge USA Inc, NY, USA
Anne Staehr
Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) Manager,
Hilleroed Hospital, Denmark
Getinge Online is an important part of Getinge’s wide range of convenient services and support offering, helping users to get the most out of their Getinge equipment and maximise production uptime. 
Hospital Healthcare Europe spoke with company service representatives and users in Europe and the US (see Interviewees) to share their first-hand experiences of Getinge Online.
Soren Stakemann
What is Getinge Online? Please describe the scope of Getinge Online. 
Getinge Online enables information from Getinge equipment to be transferred via the internet, which is accessible by both customers and Getinge Service Representatives via a computer or smartphone. Getinge Online is an online service tool and an integrated part of Getinge Care – the new service concept from Getinge.
The Getinge Online Customer Portal gives customers immediate access to extensive real-time information about their Getinge equipment, providing a clear overview of the current status of washer-disinfectors, sterilisers and other sterile production equipment. If there are any issues, customers can be notified and view the error messages with detailed information about what has happened, as well as suggestions on how to solve the problem. They can also view the last 30 processes with the full process printout directly available on their screens from anywhere inside or outside the CSSD. 
The Getinge Online Service Portal provides Getinge Service Representatives access to advanced diagnostics capability (both historically and in real time) about customers’ equipment and enables them to monitor detailed information such as switching a valve in the equipment up to four weeks in the past. 
When was Getinge Online launched? Please tell us about the Getinge Online installed base. 
The first customer was connected and started using the system when Getinge Online was launched in January 2011. At the end of 2012, there were more than 100 customers monitored and accessible online, and these numbers are increasing every week. The customers and installed equipment are located all over the world, from Brazil, the Caribbean, Dubai and Australia, and also reaching as far north as Norway and Canada. 
Is Getinge Online secure? Please describe the security behind Getinge Online. 
The data exchanged between the equipment and the internet servers use the highest industry standards of encryption. This makes it virtually impossible for unauthorised users to intercept and read the contents of messages. It also ensures that each message is received without any changes or errors during transmission. 
Customers only have access to their own equipment and the level of security is comparable to the security in your online banking. When you access your accounts, the same level of encryption is applied as with Getinge Online. 
What are the future perspectives for Getinge Online. 
We are inspired by demands from a rapidly growing marketplace. This enables us to develop new features and benefits that are continuously being added to the Getinge Online IT solution.
With Getinge Online, we want to create an IT solution that is a game changer within the infection control business and at the same time we want to push the limits of what can be done with web and mobile technologies. 
Getinge Online was honoured with several awards in 2012. Among the most prestigious was the Gold Chain Value award in the US. Getinge Online received the award for its pioneering ability to provide access to extensive real-time information about reprocessing equipment at any time and from anywhere, simplifying the work of healthcare professionals around the world.
Edward Roe
How has Getinge Online helped you ensure uptime for your customers? Please describe a situation where, with help from the Getinge Online Service Portal, you have helped solve a customer problem.
The Getinge Online Service Portal includes diagnostics capabilities that have been a tremendous service as a means of remote observation to solve a troublesome problem. One of our customers who uses a Getinge 88 Turbo washer-disinfector was becoming dissatisfied with the new machine because of unexpected fault codes displaying three-to-four times a day. Getinge USA installed Getinge Online on the washer-disinfector and began to compile the data, as well as enabling trouble alerts to the local Service Representative and a troubleshooting team. Two things happened right away. 
First, I was able to see the faults remotely and begin immediately to engage our Service Operations Specialists to formulate a solution to the problem using the data provided by Getinge Online. Second, the customer began to gain confidence in Getinge, in that we were very responsive to their concerns. In the final analysis, it was very evident what had happened. The customer had placed a high-foaming detergent solution in the cabinet, which caused too much foaming of the water when that particular detergent was added to the washing process. The condition resulted from the lack of proper water circulation within the washing chamber, thereby creating a fault condition of low circulation pressure. Proper water distribution within the washing chamber is a parameter that is critical to the washing process.
The Getinge Service Representative was able to use the information compiled remotely using Getinge Online to present the concern to the customer. Upon their acknowledgement of the problem, the detergent solution was replaced with the correct product. Once this was accomplished, the Getinge 88 Turbo washer-disinfector became much more reliable for the customer, with a dramatic reduction of the faults caused by the incorrect detergent product. Using Getinge Online to obtain factual information right from the machine control itself was a critical tool in troubleshooting and resolving the customer concern quickly. By using several subject matter experts, who were located at widespread distances from the facility, the most knowledgeable team was able to pinpoint the problem and propose a rapid solution. The Getinge Service Representative was then able to resolve the problem with confidence and assurance for the customer. 
Can you give us real-life examples of customers who have experienced advantages using Getinge Online?
Yes, I am excited to provide real-life examples of customer benefits of using Getinge Online. One Getinge Online user has multiple sterilisers and washer‑disinfectors connected to Getinge Online. The facility is very busy at all times, night and day. The Getinge Online Equipment Status Board feature is an extremely valuable tool for the Supervisor in that he can view an instant status of each cycle for every machine in his CSSD. Then, using the Getinge Online Customer Portal and carrying out a very quick review of the statistics page, he is able, at a glance, to observe the equipment usage data and to be certain that no particular machine is over- or under-utilised. This enables the Supervisor to manage the cycles on each machine and balance the efficiency of all equipment. All members of his staff are also instantly informed by a text message, or by observing the Equipment Status Board, that the washing or sterilisation cycles are completed and that the machines are ready for unloading. This allows the staff to be more productive in their daily work.
Also, in-house Biomedical Engineers, who are often located in another facility of the hospital, use Getinge Online to ensure CSSD steriliser uptime. The size of the complex means that much of the facility is situated below street level, so text alerts might not always be received quickly. By utilising both the text message feature as well as the e-mail feature available within Getinge Online for equipment alerts, the Biomedical Engineers will have an e-mail record of an equipment problem sent to their workstations as well as to the main office. If they do miss a text message, they can be assured that they will still receive their important information from Getinge Online. 
Anne Staehr
How is Getinge Online providing you access to information? Please describe how this access to information makes daily work easier.
The CSSD at Hilleroed Hospital started using Getinge Online about a year ago.
There are a number of very positive features of the Getinge Online system. All information is formatted to fit a small screen and we are able to log on and follow the process on a PC/mobile/smart phone at anytime. Should our washer-disinfectors report errors, it is also possible for Getinge Denmark to ascertain where in the process the error occurs remotely. We receive information the minute there is a problem with the equipment or when the equipment is due to complete the process or has completed a cycle.
We have been guided over the phone to zero-set an error on a number of occasions, especially when we have made a mistake ourselves, for example, choosing an incorrect program. Getinge Online confers significant benefits to us. From the point of the user, we spend very little time waiting at our washer-disinfectors. From the service side, Getinge Denmark does not necessarily have to send a technician to fix any fault. In cases where the error cannot be corrected over the phone, Getinge Denmark can fault-find and view error information remotely to see where in the process the error lies. This enables them to plan how to proceed and to see which spare parts are required. This again minimises further delays for us and enables us to be up and running much faster. 
Getinge Online has some excellent features and is an invaluable tool in facilitating smooth working in our facility.
Getinge Online provides exceptional access to valuable information that facilitates ease of working and enables users to increase the uptime of their equipment. The features include real-time information on equipment status and performance, for example, instant notification when a machine process is complete and automatic notification if an issue occurs with the equipment, and also access to historical data as well as extensive statistics on equipment performance.
No special software or alterations in an organisation’s IT infrastructure and security are required, and information is exchanged using the maximum security and highest security standards. Access to the Getinge Online Customer Portal is wherever and whenever the user is online via a computer, tablet or smart phone. Getinge Online – keeping connected.