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Radiometer’s safePICO70 syringes ensure compliance

Radiometer’s safePICO70 arterial blood gas syringes enable safe and simple, single-handed removal of needles, helping to eliminate needle-stick injuries. The safePICO syringes meet the requirements of EU directive 2010/32/EU for the prevention of sharp injuries within hospitals, which came into force in May 2010. This framework agreement calls for increased operator safety when handling blood collection devices – including arterial blood gas syringes, and must be implemented by the 11th of May 2013.
To ensure compliance, all blood gas samplers must incorporate safety-engineered protection mechanisms, and hospitals are required to implement procedures for the safe use and disposal of medical sharps; recapping of blood gas sampler needles is no longer permitted. 
Radiometer’s safePICO70 arterial blood gas syringes offer a proven, safe and easy to use way of meeting the specific requirements of the directive, helping to eliminate needle-stick injuries and protect staff from exposure to patient blood. The built-in safety device can be operated with one hand, and allows the simple and safe removal of needles. Once a blood sample has been taken from the patient, the operator just slides the needle shield over the needle and locks it safely into place. The needle, safely contained within the shield, can then be detached and disposed of safely.