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Putting technology into the hands of point-of-care coordinators

25 July, 2016  

As the interface between pathology services and the ward, the demands on point-of-care coordinators (POCCs) require them to complete much of their work away from a desk. This can be challenging, as managing many important tasks have traditionally required access to a PC. The cobas® infinity POC app from Roche Diagnostics changes this, by allowing POCCs to monitor the status of Roche and non-Roche devices from their mobile device and carry out most essential routine tasks with ease.

Following the successful pilots at five sites, this disruptive technology is now being rolled out across the UK and Ireland and is set to innovate the way POCCs work in the future, boosting productivity and placing the heart of the hospital into the hands of coordinators.

Adam Millard, Market Manager for Hospital Point of Care at Roche Diagnostics, said of the announcement: “We designed this app to empower POCCs. It has been developed by POCCs for POCCs, so we took everything we understood about the day-to-day pressures on their time and worked it into the app.

Going mobile isn’t simply about transferring current processes to a phone or tablet. Its core value is about enabling operators to perform those essential tasks in the most efficient way based upon human interaction design principles. This gives our app a unique usability that will enable POCCs to carry out their essential routine tasks with ease.”

POCCs will be able to save time managing devices, automate operator management, train and certify device operators in real time without delay and act upon the most important priorities.

cobas® infinity POC app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, works in real-time, and in conjunction with the cobas® IT 1000 application.