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Public wants healthcare change, says study

3 June, 2008  

A recent survey of over 6,700 adults in France, Germany, the UK, Spain, Italy and the US have found that the majority want fundamental changes in their respective national healthcare systems.

According to the study, carried out online by Harris Interactive, most of the public in Spain (61%), Italy (61%), the UK (60%), Germany (54%), the US (50%) and a relative majority in France (43%) all believe that while there are good elements to their countries’ healthcare system, fundamental changes are required to improve them.

Of all the respondents, the French were most happy with their healthcare system, with 38% believing that it worked fairly well and required only minor changes.

Adults in the US were the most unhappy, with 33% saying the healthcare system was so flawed it needed to be rebuilt completely.

The report found that most people in all six countries agreed that standards of care and treatment in the state systems were declining – between 80% in Germany and 57% in Spain.

It also found that strong majorities in all six countries felt that the costs of care and treatment were rising too fast – between 89% in the US and 58% in Spain.

Harris Interactive