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Proventec get tender to provide NHS steam cleaning equipment

22 January, 2008  

Proventec, a provider of specialist steam cleaning technologies, has announced that it has been awarded a 14-month tender for the sole provision of specialist steam cleaning equipment by the National Health Service (NHS) Purchase and Supply Agency.

The tender agreement, won by Osprey DeepClean, the company’s wholly owned subsidiary, is a direct response to the UK Government’s £50 million of extra funding for the Strategic Health Authority. The agreement has an option of a further one year extension.

David Chestnutt, Chief Executive of Proventec, said:  “This is a significant contract for Proventec and rewards the Company for its commitment to innovation and problem solving.

“Proventec has undertaken an eighteen month programme of product development and rigorous microbiological performance trials with University College London Hospitals (UCLH) resulting in purpose designed steam cleaning tools for hospital equipment cleaning  that can help combat the superbug epidemic.

The NHS Trusts have recognised the benefits of our technology and we are already starting to see strong demand convert into orders.

“There have been accusations that the Government’s recent initiative for a national deep clean is merely a gimmick. It is not. Rather, it is a long awaited overhaul of all UK NHS Trusts. However, it is not enough unless future ongoing cleaning regimes are prioritised and upheld.”

Conventional deep cleaning of hospitals traditionally has involved emptying wards to enable staff to carry out comprehensive decontamination. Osprey’s dry saturated steam cleaning machines and cleaning methodology can be used to rid
all areas of micro-organisms, including “superbugs” such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile, without compromising safety and without the need to remove patients.

Osprey’s machines have been designed to be used to decontaminate wards and clean patient equipment on a daily basis in order to maintain high standards of hygiene.

The Company has applied for patents on its specialist tooling enabling staff to clean all areas of the hospital including; mattresses, curtains and bed frames as well as walls and floor, without the use of antimicrobial chemicals that may contribute to microbial resistance.