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Product launch from Brenmoor

UK wristband manufacturers Brenmoor and technology company Timestrip PLC have developed and launched a new product that monitors the length of time a Cannula has been with a patient. The product is known as the “Brenmoor Timestrip”

The “Brenmoor Timestrip” has been designed to help hospitals comply with existing policy directives that stipulate the need to change Peripheral Intravenous Cannula every 72 hours. Up to 60% of cases of blood infections are caused by PVC’s and the cost of treating such infections is estimated at £1 billion per annum, according to the National Audit Office.

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The device attaches securely to the clasp on the Brenmoor FASTBand range of products which is already the most popular printable wristband in the UK. The Timestrip is triggered as the device is secured to the clasp section of the wristband. Once activated the white panel on the strip, which is clearly visible to patients and hospital staff alike slowly starts to fill red. After 72 hours the whole of the panel is red in colour and the cannula can be replaced and a new device fitted to the wristband.

“With an 80% market share of UK hospitals that are already printing wristbands and trials being conducted in over 100 more we are convinced that this device is the perfect add on to our range and a visual aid to help NHS staff in their fight against healthcare associated infections” says Paul Brennan of Brenmoor.