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Privacy secured with camera shutter

18 June, 2008  

A new camera shutter for Smart Terminals in hospitals has been developed which will ensure European privacy standards are upheld.

JAOtech, the market leader in the design and manufacture of a embedded Smart Terminals, has introduced a new camera shutter which will render the camera on the Obie and Jima terminals completely inoperative.

Cameras are integrated into JAOtech’s bedside Smart Terminals for video calls between patients and relatives or friends, and to allow medical staff to monitor patients’ well-being. The new camera shutter slides completely over the lens to disable use and has been introduced to conform with current European privacy standards.

The Smart Terminals contain a 2.0 mega pixel camera module that uses the latest CMOS technology. It also features smart and magnetic swipe card readers, a remote control, a communications system and a TV tuner and upgradeable memory.

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