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Portable imaging in the palm of the hand

St Thomas’ Hospital, part of Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, has purchased three ACUSON P10™ ultrasound systems from Siemens Healthcare for its cardiology department.
The P10 is a handheld, pocket-sized ultrasound system that can be used for rapid, point-of-care assistance in a variety of conditions. Three consultant cardiologists have the innovative devices in the hospital’s outpatient clinic, using the P10’s capabilities as a digital stethoscope to screen for certain cardiac conditions.
The P10 weighs just 700g, making it easy to carry between locations. Its imaging capabilities help to enhance a physical examination, showing the heart in detail on the screen to provide greater information for more precise clinical decisionmaking. 
“The ACUSON P10s have the potential to rule out certain diagnoses in the outpatient clinic to enable us to decide if a full echocardiogram is required,” said Jane Hancock, consultant cardiologist at St Thomas’ Hospital.
“The P10 ultrasound system is a lightweight diagnostic tool that will provide earlier and faster cardiac assessments for St Thomas’ Hospital,” said Declan Dunphy, manager of ultrasound products at Siemens Healthcare. “Its innovative design, portability and high-quality images mean that cardiologists can effectively evaluate outpatients, providing instant diagnostic images that will eliminate unnecessary tests and procedures.”
In addition to cardiology uses, the ACUSON P10 can also be used for an array of applications in accident and emergency medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology.