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Point-of-care system management

The AQURE point-of-care management system from Radiometer provides a straightforward way of managing access to all point-of-care instruments, offering a convenient way of controlling user access, training and documentation.
AQURE enables you to quickly and easily create and manage user profiles, review operator performance and assign e-learning and competency testing modules as required. In addition, AQURE offers time-saving features to monitor operator certification and track assay failure rates – sending notifications if defined performance criteria are not met – helping to identify when further training or testing is required.
Centralised competency management with AQURE allows you to assign courses to operators by email, review training programme completion and test results, and archive paperless records, all within one system. Built on Microsoft® technology, AQURE can be easily integrated into existing hospital IT infrastructures. Its open platform allows you to develop and upload your own materials, or use resources from a third party, offering a customisable, highly flexible and scalable software solution for point-of-care operator management.