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Plans for Paris Regional Medical Center

Essent Healthcare, the parent company of the Paris Regional Medical Center (PRMC), has purchased $3.4 million in high-tech equipment and has plans to move more facilities and services to the hospital’s North Campus, according to the PRMC employee newsletter.

According to the plans, the hospital will receive two new cardiac catheterisation laboratories and a 64-slice CT scanner within two months.

Chris Dux, CEO of PRMC, said in the newsletter:

“The first cath lab will be installed on the South Campus in approximately 60 days, and the other equipment will be housed on the North Campus and will be the first step in our campus consolidation.”

Mr Dux also announced that Essent will be working with HBE, France’s largest designer and builder of healthcare facilites, to assist PRMC in current and long-term planning.

“The significance of HBE’s engagement is that the planning and construction company will not undertake any project without the owners’ prior commitment to completing that project,” said Mr Dux.

However, Mr Dux warned employees that the plans for consolidating the campus could pose problems:

“There is no doubt as we work through all of the planning and transition that we will have some difficulties to live with,” he said.

“It is also clear that those disruptions and difficulties will not be permanent and that, as we pass through those inconveniences, we will have a much better, stronger and efficient facility in the end.”

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