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Philips and to deliver cloud-based healthcare information technology

30 June, 2014  
In a move to accelerate the transformation of the healthcare industry, Royal Philips and have announced a strategic alliance to deliver an open, cloud-based healthcare platform, leveraging Philips’ leading positions in medical technology, clinical applications and clinical informatics and’s leadership in enterprise cloud computing, innovation and customer engagement.
Patient relationship management will be at the centre of the envisioned platform, allowing caregivers to collaborate closely in support of their patients. The platform will enable medical device and data interoperability – the collection of data and subsequent analysis to enhance clinical decision making by professionals and enabling patients to take a more active role in managing their personal health.
The collaboration has already resulted in two clinical applications to be launched on the new platform later this summer: ‘Philips eCareCoordinator’ and ‘Philips eCareCompanion’.
These care collaboration applications will allow the care team to monitor patients with chronic conditions in their homes and will facilitate Philips’ Hospital to Home clinical programs, such as Banner iCare™, being piloted at Banner Health, a pioneer accountable care organisation in Arizona, USA. Similar telehealth-based care delivery models for hospitals utilising the Philips eICU program were shown to reduce mortality by 26% and length of stay by 20% in a recent large, multi-centre study.(2)
With this strategic alliance, Philips is making great strides to deliver real-time, digital healthcare solutions,” said Frans van Houten, Chief Executive Officer of Royal Philips. “Healthcare data exists in many different forms and in many different systems today. Together with, we have a tremendous opportunity to reshape and optimise the way healthcare is delivered and provide better access to data across the continuum of care.
We have entered a new transformative era for healthcare, and technology is enabling the industry to connect to, care for and engage with patients and each other in a profound new way,” said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO, “Together with Philips, we are creating an open health platform and ecosystem to benefit everyone that cares about one of the most important issues of our time.
Philips and envision that apps will cover the continuum of care: from self-care and prevention, to diagnosis and treatment through recovery and wellness. The envisioned platform, based on the Salesforce(1) Platform, will enable collaboration and workflow, as well as integration of data from multiple sources worldwide, including electronic medical records, diagnostic and treatment information obtained through Philips’ imaging equipment, monitoring equipment, personal devices and technologies like Apple’s HealthKit.
Moreover, the cloud-based platform is designed to be highly scalable with built-in privacy and data security. By combining the data, the platform will allow for analysis that will enhance decision making by professionals and engage patients. Both Philips and foresee that the platform, will utilise Philips’ clinical data stores and medical device interoperability. It is intended to be open to developers and is expected to result in a vibrant ecosystem of partners creating applications. As a result, the envisioned platform has the potential to transform both professional healthcare delivery and continuous personal health management.
A live webcast of a media roundtable with Mark Benioff and Frans Houten can be accessed at 9am CET via this link:
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